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What are the age Requirements?

Law and morals requires that all of our entertainers and everyone attending an event with exotic entertainment be 18 years of age or older. To ensure that we up hold the law, we make sure all of our entertainers are of legal age and we ask that the person reserving the entertainers enforce this policy with their party guests. However if an individual looks underage the entertainer has the right to and will request valid identification. If the individual cannot provide proper identification they will be asked to leave or the performer will leave with no refunds given.

You must be ready for the entertainers upon their arrival. Once the entertainers are paid they will set up and start their show immediately. We ask that you be prepared for the entertainers by having the full payment ready and all of your guests present. Our entertainers have a schedule and most of the time they will not be able to wait for late arrivals to start their performance. If this should happen the dancers will do their best to accommodate however it may interfere with your show. Our entertainers prefer having the appropriate amount of time to perform their best possible show without having to rush through it.


Can I take Pictures?

All of our entertainers have different photo policies please read below.

Most of our entertainers will allow and even pose for pictures if requested however each dancer has their own photo policy that will be clearly explained upon their arrival. It’s very important to respect their wishes as they take this matter very seriously. If photography of any kind is taken without the dancers permission they reserve the right to end the show with no refunds given. Keep in mind photo rules also apply to camera phones, so think twice before trying to sneak a picture.


How long is the show?

Show times are guaranteed as long as the rules are followed and the entertainers are being treated with respect. At any time, if the entertainer feels threatened or mistreated they have the right to leave and under such situations no refunds shall be granted.


Should I tip?

Tipping is greatly appreciated. There are no expected tip amounts and we ask that you use good judgment and tip accordingly. Keep in mind tipping your entertainer will only motivate them to work harder to make your party more fun and interactive.


What is the expected conduct?

We take our entertainers safety very seriously, we have a strict no misconduct tolerance policy when it comes to the treatment of both our male & female entertainers. We go to great lengths to ensure we are only booking quality customers and events. For the safety of our entertainers we reserve the right to refuse service. If a entertainer arrives at an event and the situation is intimating or is something other than what was represented during the reservation process the entertainers will leave. This includes but is not limited to age range, number of quest and things of that nature. Please properly inform us of your events information so that there are no surprises when the entertainers arrive.

Once our entertainers arrive at your event the person who booked the entertainment is responsible for the safety of the dancers. They are also responsible for the conduct of their guests. If at any time the entertainers feel threatened or harassed they have the right to leave at their discretion, with no refunds given. If the entertainer chooses to leave you must to let them go in a peaceful manner. If anyone intimated or threatens the entertainer we will contact law enforcement and press charges. This applies for both male and female entertainers. When reserving an entertainer you are responsible for their safety, if any harm or threats come about we will take further actions.

Once the entertainer has started their show there are no refunds. No exceptions! For example if your party gets broken up due to a noise complaint, guests fighting or for any other reason you will not be refunded, so make sure everyone is on their best behavior.


Are you full service?

We abide by all laws regarding location, entertainers, drugs and alcohol. We do not allow illegal gambling or drugs at any party. We are not an escort service. Any form of solicitation of our entertainers will result in forfeiture of all show fees and entertainment for the event will cease.